Tom Corbett Would Like To Know: Will You Still Not Not Not Like Me If I Privatize Booze Sales?

corbettThe numbers, released yesterday, don’t lie: Increasingly, Pennsylvanians — and not even just the reluctant ones, like you and me — are getting tired of Governor Tom Corbett‘s shit. What shit is that, you ask? Well, there’s the threatening school budgets just-because shit, there’s the cheat-to-win district gerrymandering shit, there’s the I-probably-hid-Sandusky shit… just trust us: There’s a lot of shit.

Yesterday, a new Quinnipac poll, focused squarely on how Corbett is doing two years into his term, came out, and the news was not good — not good for Corbett, at least. The numbers, say the folks at Quinnipac, boil down to this, simply:

There is no strong base of support for Gov. Corbett among any income or age group or in any region of the state.

And that apparently includes his own party. With the Inquirer hinting that he may even have a new rival in Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R., Jefferson) (along with two already declared-or-close-enough Dems), Corbett will make a move today, at long last rolling out his plan/proposal to privatize booze sales in PA. One would think that nothing could unify his constituency quite like this — for to hate the PLCB is to be alive — but apparently, this is not even so among Corbett’s PA GOP buddies, who are already poo-poo-ing the thing before it’s out of the oven.

Where does this leave ol’ Tommy, then? Well, probably exactly where he should be. Or, at the very least, exactly where he deserves to be.

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