Rumblings: TV Party

oscars>>> It is Philadelphia Day Eve for NBC, as 30 Rock‘s series finale airs tomorrow night along with the premiere of the Philly-set Do No Harm. We’ll be watching both, for better or worse. [NBC]

>>> You can do your best Daniel Day-Lewis impression (he’s always so busy playing other people, he has no time to be himself) when a single golden statuette from the Academy makes national rounds. An Oscar statue will be hitting the road as part of the first ever Oscar Roadtrip. The statue will be in Philly on Feb. 6th, and you can even suggest stops for the statue to make and follow its path on Twitter. [Oscars]

>>> And fans of zombies and fitness (seems like a narrow cross-section) will be able to enjoy both at The Walking Dead Escape obstacle course at the Wells Fargo Center on April 21st. [Shock Till You Drop]

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