You Can Give The PPA A Piece Of Your Mind … With Art

ppaIn a city full of many different types of people from many different paths of life, there is one surefire thing that bonds all Philadelphians together: A common hatred for the PPA. So when two UArts grad student were charged with finding a way to address a city wide issue by designing a “conversation in a public place,” the PPA popped right into Jordan Shade and Vrouyr Joubanian‘s minds.

Tomorrow, from 12:15PM to the party-popular time of question-mark, in an effort to confront the PPA’s Live Stop Program (where “PPD officers are required to remove vehicles from a driver’s possession via the services of the Philadelphia Parking Authority ‘live’ when the car’s registration is expired or the driver’s license has been suspended – while a driver is operating a vehicle anywhere in Philadelphia”), the duo will present the Live Stop Impounded Car Windshield Temporary Installation. The installation will be in the Center of City Hall, and you will have a chance to express you feelings about the PPA’s live stop program (which impounds up to 23,000 cars yearly) by scrawling your own complaints on the windshield.

It’s more productive than what you would usually do, which is curse into the air at no one in general and spend the rest of your day frustrated, angry, and annoyed.

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