Spoiler Alert: IGM And The Newspaper Union Still Do Not Like Each Other

The last time we checked in on the lovers spat between Interstate General Media and the Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia, they were having issues. But Dan Gross was standing up for all that is righteous and reasonable and then he took a buyout.

And since Dan Dan isn’t watching anymore, IGM is trying some more tricks, at least according to the Newspaper Guild. Guild executive director Bill Ross told CityPaper, “The employer has asked for the right in the event of a layoff, they could lay-off out of seniority which our current contract does not allow, and is fucking insulting, and not going to fly.” This “poison pill,” comes in the form of a proposed “performance review,” which the union sees as a way for IGM to get rid of reporters they don’t like. Old ones. Probably Byko.

This won’t end well, but as CP points out, “a contract with the Teamsters has been approved, imposing cutbacks but operating under the assumption that the publications will remain daily for the next two years.” So it looks like IGM doesn’t dislike unions, it just dislikes reporters, which is good in the newspaper business.

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