Babette Josephs Is AIDS Fund’s Favorite Straight Person

babetteRep. Babette Josephs was never one to shy away from saying what she felt like saying, and for that and her public service, she is being honored as AIDS Fund‘s 2013 Favorite Straight Person of the Year.

She will receive the honor at the 14th Annual Black-Tie GayBINGO, March 1st at the Crystal Tea Room. When we first head about this, we scratched our heads a bit, thinking back to her bitter campaign with gay-superhero Brian Sims, where barbs were traded both ways.

But it started to make more sense when looking back at Josephs’ whole career (and even her last days as an elected official). As the AIDS Fund points out, “[Josephs] has a long-standing reputation as a lawmaker dedicated to supporting and advocating for LGBT rights and HIV/AIDS services. In the late 1980s, Josephs helped create the first line item in the Pennsylvania state budget allocating $1 million for HIV/AIDS preventive education and counseling.”

Josephs was also an O.G. member of the Pride of Philadelphia Election Committee (POPEC) and Liberty City Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club way back when, and with the award joins former Favorite Straight People Ed Rendell, John Street, Angel Ortiz, and more.

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