Join Your Fellow Pennsylvanians In Petitioning Asshat Tom Corbett To Stop Trying To Cheat On All Future Elections


On the off chance that you missed Adam Brodsky’s post about it last week, or the voluminous news coverage that it’s now getting nationwide, Corbett, along with other GOP governors around the country, already have gerrymandering fever in a pre-emptive strike in the 2016 elections. We know: It’s Monday, you can’t even think about this. But do you remember how very close Corbett and his cronies came to suppressing votes in this last election? Well, some of these jerks got even closer. And with this new push for widespread redistricting, they’d like to go even farther in stacking the deck for the GOP side and then just never have to worry about producing decent candidates at all. We know Philly lives in a Dem bubble, for better or worse, for dumb and for dumberer, but the rest of the country isn’t like that. Just sign the damned petition now. Corbett and Pennsyltucky House Reps won’t care about it, but sheer numbers may force them to.

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