At This Time, We’d Like To Say To Seth Meyers What We Say To All Of Our Friends In NYC


While yes, sure, you may have been yukking it up about the PYT Bacon Taco, with the punchline “You’re still in Philadelphia,” the fact does remain that you’re repping what was once one of the greatest cities in the world during its dead worst era of cultural import, and one that it may in fact never bounce back from — all while we are down here, making changes and doing shit. So, y’know, have fun.

  • bo26

    I prefer the more subtle “I don’t think about you at all” response.

  • thegreengrass

    <3 PYT.

  • Ryan Anderson

    they’ve lost their path. NYC is supposed to be competing with paris and shit. insulting us is like admitting you are jealous of your overconfident dumb-dumb cousin…but anyway, PHILLY AGAINST THE WORLD!