PSA: Here Are Mayor Nutter’s Remarks On Gun Control From Yesterday

nutterAt a press conference in Washington D.C. yesterday, Mayor Nutter read prepared remarks on new gun control measures introduced to the Senate. His remarks are posted in full below:

“Thank you Senator Feinstein. Again and again and again, Americans have been stunned by senseless acts of violence involving assault weapons and large-capacity magazines: Columbine (April 1999, 13 murdered), Virginia Tech (April 2007, 32 murdered), Tucson (January 2011, 6 murdered, 12 wounded including one Congresswoman), Aurora (July 2012, 12 murdered), Oak Creek (August 2012, 6 murdered).

The December 14 tragedy which killed 20 young children and six educators in Newtown remains incomprehensible to us all. Too many times during the last year, mayors have expressed shock at a mass shooting. Even more frequently, many of us must cope with the gun violence that occurs on the streets of our cities.

Weapons of mass destruction’ are destroying our communities, our streets and our families. The first police officer we lost after I became mayor was killed by an AK-47. Citizens have been killed on Philadelphia’s streets by handguns with high capacity magazines as well as assault rifles. This needs to end NOW!

Every day in America, 282 people are shot and 86 of them die, including 32 who are murdered. Every day 50 children and teens are shot and eight of them die, including five who are murdered. This must STOP!

The legislation which Senator Feinstein and others are introducing this morning will help to make that happen. I am here to register the strong support of The U.S. Conference of Mayors for the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 and to commit our organization to doing everything possible to see it enacted into law.

I have with me this morning a letter originally sent just three days after the Newtown tragedy occurred and now signed by 210 mayors which calls on the President and Congress to take immediate action and make reasonable changes in our gun laws and regulations. Listed first among our recommended changes is enactment of the legislation to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines being prepared by Senator Dianne Feinstein and others. When she discussed this bill and her commitment to passing it at the Conference’s Winter Meeting last week, Senator Feinstein described herself as ‘a former mayor on a mission’. Senator Feinstein, you have an army of current mayors on a mission standing with you, ready to do what it takes to see this legislation become law.”

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  1. John Says:

    Unless you’re in military action, or you’re an on duty cop, you don’t need any kind of assault weapon. We hear these gun nuts (not enthusiasts) claim their 2nd amendment right is being violated are intellectually and emotionally stunted. A majority of Americans don’t agree with these nuts who scream real loud making them sound like a majority. They’re not a majority, and their ideology are wrong.

  2. Chuck Says:

    Unless you are a race car driver, you don’t need a car that goes above the speed limit. Cars (in the hands of their irresponsible owners) kill as many people as guns every year yet car owners claim it is their right to own a car that can do more than double the speed limit yet still start after they have more than double the legal amount of alcohol in their system. They are just a vocal minority and we should have cars capped at the maximum speed limit and they should all be equipped with breathalyzers to allow them to start. These people who disagree are just zealous car nuts (not enthusiasts.)

    The real shame of all this time spent on “fixing” the assault weapons issue is that assault weapons are used in roughly 4% of gun crimes. Most crime is committed in inner cities with cheap handguns (some 80%+). I don’t remember “John” below having an opinion on this when some child was murdered with a cheap handgun purchased in a straw purchase, which we have laws in place to stop, but no effort to enforce. Let me ask you this, do you think more banks are robbed or people mugged with a $2000+ AR rifle that is not easily concealed or with a cheap, $200 handgun that fits in your pocket? Anyone demonizing “assault rifles” (a senseless name, there’s no real difference between a so-called assault rifle and a semi-automatic hunting rifle except what it looks like) is just doing so because they are lazy simpletons looking for any easy fix.

    Every day since Nutter took office he saw that crime happens daily, usually to the poor and underprivileged, and it was almost never with an assault rifle. Now, suddenly, a privileged, irresponsible mother in denial leaves a dangerous tool of her hobby out for her known unstable son to commit a heinous crime and all of a sudden Nutter is tough on guns? What a bunch of horse shit. Long story short, none of this will change the crime situation in this or any other city and it only serves to penalize the majority of responsible gun owners. Let me know when someone decides to stop banning guns and start getting tough on gun responsibility and making irresponsible gun ownership (straw purchases, lost gun reporting, lock laws) the priority. Or, I guess we can start banning sports cars, too.

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