Do No Harm, NBC’s Philly-Set Jekyll And Hyde Update Debuts Next Week

Next Thursday will be Philadelphia day on NBC. First, the series finale of local Delco-hero Tina Fey‘s 30 Rock will air, and it will be followed by Do No Harm, that really terrible looking Jekyll and Hyde show set (and at least partially filmed) in Philadelphia. When we first heard about the show, we thought it would be starring Felicia Rashad, and that had us all kinds of excited. It appears she is, in fact, still in the show, but all of the ads focus on Steven Pasquale‘s personality-changing surgeon, doing dangerous things like driving cars real fast and pushing someone on a stretcher in a joking manner. Hardcore shit.

Do No Harm will be the first major network show set in Philadelphia since ABC’s Body of Proof (Fun Fact: Body of Proof is a show that currently airs on ABC). Interestingly, both Body of Proof and Do No Harm feature John Carroll Lynch in a supporting role. We’re not sure what to make of that, but remember The Drew Carey Show? He was good in The Drew Carey Show.

Do No Harm premieres January 31st at 10PM.

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