Dear Twitter, This Is Who The Stone Roses Are

The Coachella lineup was announced yesterday, and among headliners (Side Note: How is Wu Tang Clan not a headliner?) are the reunited Blur and The Stone Roses. While this is big news for some (re: us), others are confused. And just like Bon Iver and Arcade Fire before them, The Stone Roses have earned their own “Who Are The Stone Roses” blog of collected tweets of befuddlement.

Firstly, in the internet age, where a whole universe of music is available at the click of a button, why take time going to Twitter to whine about not knowing a band instead of actually going to listen to that band? It doesn’t make sense to us. Also guys, you know Waterfall.” We know you do. But meet us after the jump so we can save you the time of typing “The Stone Roses” into YouTube.

The Madchester pioneers have gone through a few lineups throughout the years, but without their self-titled 1989 release, bands like Blur (who you also do not know), Oasis, Supergrass, etc. might not have ever existed. Isn’t that reason enough to check ’em out. Also, if you just stick to the studio full-lengths, they only have two albums. It’s really not that hard. Check out some jams below, so you can stick around after Passion Pit‘s set.

Or, if you’ve got more time, just watch this.

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