Mayor Nutter To Deliver Remarks On Bill To Ban Assault Weapons And High-Capacity Magazines

In about an hour, Mayor Nutter will deliver remarks in Washington D.C. as part of a Capitol Hill press conference. The presser will be held by members of Congress, a coalition of Mayors, law enforcement officers, gun safety organizations, and others as a way to “introduce legislation on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition feeding devices.” We’ll have more on the remarks and plans as they come out.

4 Responses to “Mayor Nutter To Deliver Remarks On Bill To Ban Assault Weapons And High-Capacity Magazines”

  1. Frank Rizzo Says:

    Hah waht a joke. Like he’s done so much here in Philly to reduce gun violence.

  2. Allan Smithee Says:

    Don’t Blame Nutter, he tried. Blame the State Courts & Republicans.
    Philadelphia tried banning “straw purchase” of handguns and banning assault weapons – but the laws were
    invalidated by a state appeals court. Following a series of rulings that
    doomed previous Philadelphia gun control laws, the Commonwealth Court held that
    the state Supreme Court ruled in 1996 that only the state legislature – not
    municipalities – has the authority to enact gun laws.

  3. Frank Rizzo Says:

    straw purchases are illegal. enforcement is lacking.

  4. Allan Smithee Says:

    re: enforcement is lacking
    The “Brad Fox Law” only became law on Dec. 26, 2012 after languishing in a Pa House committee for over two years thanks to Republicans. Hopefully, the new law will ensure that offenders who illegally buy multiple guns for criminals will face at least five years in prison.

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