Here’s Tom Marino (R-PA) Being A Giant Dick To Hillary Clinton

If, perchance, you happened to be in front of a TV yesterday watching Hillary Clinton being grilled at the House Benghazi hearing by a seemingly endless parade of first-term Tea Party jackasses, each trying to make a name for themselves, you already know: It was an infuriating and, at times, completely inappropriate display that was more political theater than it was genuine inquiry. (To be fair, the Dems didn’t fare much better, each prefacing their questions or remarks with a cringeworthy litany of suck-ups and nudgewinks.) And lest you think this spectacle was merely a national display of the kind of disrespect the GOP gets off on showing a sitting President, re-outfitted for a Secretary of State, well, no, there’s a local hook, too. First-termer Tom Marino, U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district, got in on the pile-on as well. Marino, an avid NRA re-tweeter who apparently missed the freshman GOP acting clinic on how to appear convincingly, well, anything, tried a two-prong attack on Clinton: The first, as you can see above, involved visual aids as Marino attempted to break news to Clinton that people in the Middle East do not much like Americans and sometimes employ the use of flags and other signs to indicate this. (Clinton, and everyone else, seemed to already be aware that this might be the case.) Marino’s other gambit was a Romney-esque riff, asking why no one’s been fired yet over Benghazi, ignoring due process and the rest of it, instead asking the question in the matter of Paula Poundstone wondering why one drives on a parkway and parks on a driveway. He made an ass out of himself. He made an ass out of his constituency. And if anyone wants to run for Rep. in NE PA in 2014, you might wanna file this away, as Tom Marino just revealed himself to be a total chump who can’t even get a simple talking point across without coming off like a desperate hack.

2 Responses to “Here’s Tom Marino (R-PA) Being A Giant Dick To Hillary Clinton”

  1. Jack. Says:

    I liked Hillary’s Black Flag reference l|l|

  2. Frank Rizzo Says:

    Oh sure it’s no big deal for our Secretary of State to repeatedly lie about a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda right before an election. And then of course it is ridiculous that Congress would subsequently ask her tough questions.

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