Attn. New Philly Bloggers: Here Are Some Name Ideas For Your New Blog

Jo Pincushion and Jackie Chipotle noticed that many Philadelphia-related things (blogs, events, etc.) use the name Something-adelphia. We went the other way with it. But they wanted to lend you some very specific ideas on what you can name your new Philly-based blog, or business, or event, or whatever. It’s a little corny, but hey, it’s almost the weekend, and maybe it can warm your ice cold spirit.

4 Responses to “Attn. New Philly Bloggers: Here Are Some Name Ideas For Your New Blog”

  1. bruhinb Says:

    Thanks for all the ideas!! LOL

  2. Jackie Chipotle Says:

    LOVE that there is a forkadelphia!!!

  3. pete n pete Says:

    I don’t think they’re trying hard enough. They should try harder. Are they nerdy, geeky girls? I don’t think they’ve played that out enough yet.

  4. Jackie Chipotle Says:

    Actually no, I’m not a nerdy, geeky girl. My roommate, the lovely Jo Pincushion writes for Geekadelphia. I have bad vision which is why I wear glasses. I have a degree in theatre and do comedy and writing as a hobby. I don’t know anything about geeky pursuits. I watch The Bachelorette and work in consulting. There was this one time I went to a friend’s art show, I hope I wasn’t trying too hard.

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