This Is What Young People Geeks In Philly Look Like, According To People Who Think Everyone Is A Geek


Did you know that you are most likely a geek? At least according to the Anatomy of a Philly Geek infographic on the left, from Temple Magazine, which points out the guy’s “no comb hairdo,” “blue jeans,” “button-down plaid shirt,” “lunch from Han Dynasty,” and “music from Spotify” among other things. The Technically Philly reader-submitted graphic to the right, of the LadyNerd, puts her in Warby Parker glasses and skinny jeans, posessing both Federal Donuts doughnuts and Burt’s Bees Chapstick. These are all, apparently, things that make up a geek, and not just things that young people like (or just people), which puts us firmly in the geek camp, which is news to us.

Guy in a plaid shirt and jeans? Must be a tech-geek. Let us take this minute to remind you that everyone likes jeans, and the real geeks roll like this. The more you know.

[Philly Geek by Abby Ryan Design]

  • inigojonze

    geek, like hipster, just means young white person now

  • Aaron Grando

    I am a software engineer – a nerd by and traditional standard.

    I do NOT have a see-through cat. FUCK THAT.

  • dingus_maximus

  • Erin W

    And here I spent all that time and money on comics and D&D figures for nothing.

  • Kelly

    Yeah, remarkably tone deaf of Tech Philly. Sigh.

  • pete n pete

    Hey, look, someone did an illustration of that Nerd PSA from Portlandia a few weeks ago.