When Trolling Goes Wrong: The Collected Works Of Sandy Hingston


Any of you who might have happened to peruse “I Am Manti Te’o’s Mother,” one of the more notably asinine pieces on PhillyMag lately, might have wondered just who the fuck its author, Sandy Hingston, is. Turns out, “author #69 from Berkley Jove Authors” is a cat lady from Pottstown who writes bodice-rippers like the ones pictured above. And though her vibe seems to us, if you want to get technical about it, far more Snuffleupagus than Troll, the same wisdom would seem to hold true: People whose fine works are cited by the False Rape Society should not really be throwing stones at, well, anyone.

2 Responses to “When Trolling Goes Wrong: The Collected Works Of Sandy Hingston”

  1. friendlynerd Says:

    The quote “I’m female, so I’m allowed to say this. Some real girlfriends are real
    trouble. If you try to break up with them, they’ll say you raped them.
    It happens.” actually made my jaw drop.

  2. PlaidArmour Says:

    How does “one very large mutt” turn into a cat?

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