Readers Write: Happy BuddDwyerversary!

budd dwyer

I just found out that R. Budd Dwyer committed suicide 26 years ago today. Apparently, there is a documentary about Budd.

I still remember this vividly, as this scared the shit out of my 7-year-old self.

Also, I still don’t like that Filter song.

Neither do we, man. Neither do we.

2 Responses to “Readers Write: Happy BuddDwyerversary!”

  1. Scott Patrick McBride Says:

    I remember being home sick from school on the couch with tomato soup and crackers when this happed. Tomato soup and crackers have never been the same since.

  2. jen oliver Says:

    I remember being home for this too, but because it was a snow day.

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