Philadelphia’s International Cycling Championship Sits Us Down, Wants To Take a Break

Today, the Pro Cycling Tour made the surprise announcement that the bike race you like to go to Manayunk and watch will be canceled, at least for 2013. They say it’s just a one-year hiatus and that they’re gonna retool it:

“We feel that we will be able to reorganize with new partners and make this the preeminent event the region deserves in 2014 and beyond”

The announcement shocked the Manayunk community, who have come to rely on the race as both an EPO to local businesses, and an annual nuisance to complain about. But make no mistake: The one-year vaycay is due to sponsorship/financial troubles, and to that end, community leaders have now pulled in Bob Brady to see if he could help undo the cancellation (by, we presume, negotiating down things like police overtime and other union-related costs for the race).

Though they kind of deserve each other, it is understandable that a sport renowned for a “dope or die” culture might not appeal to banks and other corporations who are having their own PR problems right now. Additionally, finding and fielding clean set of riders might result in significant decrease in the race’s competitive nature. But if it’s actual retooling you’re looking to do, may we suggest bike jousting.

So, this summer, if you wanna see sinewy guys in spandex banging their grundles, you may have to resort to the Internet like the rest of us. Luckily, the Kensington Kenetic Sculpture Derby is in no danger of slowing down.

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