More Readers Write: Manayunk Bike Race To Be Replaced With The First Annual Philebrity Death Race 2013?

belushi donutsOn the heels of today’s sad news about the (temporary, we hope) loss of a Philadelphia Tradition, one reader is moved to write:

Philebrity steps in to mount an amateur, and amateurish, version of Bike Race ’13. Byko is honorary grand marshall. Tweedies and nudists and Whimsys and those a capella singing dudes and the whole photo shoot. No Manayunk Wall because who among them could scale it once? But something quirky and fun and even a little bit competitive. You did it for the braniacs at 215 Festival, you can do it for summer in the city. Get on it.

Consider us on a fact-finding mission as we speak! And lest you think we’re kidding about this stuff, know this: We’re meeting with Mural Arts about the Adrian mural next week, and the 2013 edition of the 215 Festival will take place from October 17-20.

  • Lance Ducotte

    philebri-cross. this needs to happen