Your 2013 Philadelphia Auto Show Preview

Saturday, the Convention Center marks the opening of the Philadelphia Auto Show and they claim it is the “biggest show in our 112 year history,” though to be transparent, most of those early shows were just an REO Speedwagon, a Model T, and a few anti-semitic pamphlets on that Dearborn green newsprint.

This year there are “11 football fields” full of the world of locomotion, but alas, according to Stacy at the Chevy booth, “because of how the weekends fell this year” our show is running concurrent to the Detroit Auto Show and therefore, some of the flashier jawns, have been allocated to Motown and not here. Chief among the MIA-mobiles is the 2014 Corvette Stingray, which is the seventh generation and was supposed to be the money shot. Oh well, there was still some cool stuff to see, and here’s a little photo essay to get you revved up. (See what we did there?)

hot wheels camaro

Yeah, no new Corvette, but Chevy had a couple of 2013’s on hand, (which were so 2012) and they featured this limited edition “Hot Wheels Camaro” which, for $7K more than the room temperature version, gives you that blue paint, and that medallion and red pin striping on the wheels. So, good deal.

Jeep would like to show you that their shit can drive indoors over man made obstacles.

This is a Fiat. The base model MSRP is around $26,900, but the Yayo model with glovebox full of cocaine will add $66,000 to that.

Though the vehicles hadn’t arrived by press time, featured in the DUB Magazine booth will be Thaddeus Young’s customized 2012 Nissan Armada as well as custom 2011 Cadillacs, Audis and GMC’s belonging to the likes of Jeremy Maclin, Trent Cole and Mikes Vick and Patterson. We can only imagine the understated elegance you will see. Andrew Bynum’s car was scheduled to appear as well, but alas, they couldn’t get it to start.

America, Fuck Yeah!

Kenny Powers, Fuck Yeah!

The Lamborghinis and the Rolls Royces were cordoned off behind some ropes. We were not on the list.

Throw your hands in the air…

Here’s a suit driving a sim.

You could win this old Thunderbird, but you won’t.

Your Mini is actually a Maxi. Now that’s a Mini.

This isn’t what you think it is.

We recommend getting baked and staring at the Ciniminson Popo’s Cap’n Jack Sparrowmobile, but Jon Bon Jovi doesn’t (yeah, RAD isn’t DARE, but that PSA is a classic).

Return of the Jetta.

Lime green is the new black.


This exists.

Mitsubishi’s electric plug in may only have a 62 mile range, but it wuvs you.

The show was a little light on concept cars, but this Lexus LF LC Hybrid looks banging, yo.

The ‘Stangs had their own room … also don’t call ’em ‘Stangs.

Segregation for the Camaros too.

And Finally, yes, this is a pimped out Vega.

The Philadelphia Auto Show runs January 19th to January 27th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center located at 12th and Arch streets. ┬áIt’ll cost you $12 to get in.

[Photos by Indira Jimenez]

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