You Got Bedbugs? We Ain’t Got No Bedbugs

bedbugmanLess than a year after topping Terminex’s list of America’s top bedbug cities, Terminex rival Orkin has released their list, and Philly is nowhere to be found.

As Comcast noted, “Some cities – including Philadelphia and Salt Lake City – were on the 2011 list, but improved enough in 2012 to be dropped from the top 50.” This is after we Philadelphians have spent some time in the bedbug limelight.

Two years at number two, and one year at number one on Terminex’s list, and we’re not even in the top fifty for Orkin. Either we’re getting much cleaner, or we somehow got on Orkin’s good side. No matter what, we like the way Orkin does things, and screw you Terminex. Oh, and wash your sheets just in case.

  • JohnEightThirtyTwo

    Wait, Orkin topped Terminex’s list of America’s top bedbug cities? Orkin isn’t even a city.