As If The Constitution Center Wasn’t Already Exciting, Now Al Gore Is Going To Be There

nccWe’ve been to the National Constitution Center, and believe us, it’s a very cool and interesting look into the history of this country, and the people who made it what it is. However, we understand how some people can see the content as … a bit dry. We get it. For a lot of people, American history is a bit of an acquired taste, which is why we totally understand the NCC bringing in one of our nation’s most electrifying orators, Al Gore.

The former Vice President, most well known for his unending charisma and charm, will be at the National Constitution Center on February 4th to discuss his new book, The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change. Admission to the event is $35, which is well worth it just to hear some of Gore’s trademark wordplay, and it includes a signed copy of the book.

Gore will be there to speak, but we’re sure he’ll find some time to try to settle an old score with his friend Jeb.

  • Lovetron

    I’m assuming this is a sponsored post. I love Al Gore but “unending charm and charisma?” C’mon.