Today is Ben Franklin’s 306th: Party Like A Signer, Y’all

Today, America’s first blogger celebrates his 306th birthday. His contributions to the nation and “The Paris of the New World” are as legendary as they are copious, and we need not fill you in on all that rising or setting sun/Poor Richard/hey kid/let’s go fly a kite in the rain/I say we choose the noble turkey/Tom, you write it, you have a way with words lore. And while his website kinda feels a little Geocities, remember: He did design it roughly 250 years before Al Gore invented the internets, so props to you, Dr. F.

All of the colonies have their local founding faves and all of those guys have a run or two in their stockings. Frankly, we could’ve done a whole lot worse than Big Ben. We’ll take the good Dr’s flaws, over those of his poncey Virginian peers any day, and I dare say, so would Oney Judge.

In the spirit of Ben’s lending tendencies, the good folks at Galleycat have curated and are offering five free Franklin titles, in eBook format, Including one of our childhood faves Dialogue Between Franklin and the Gout, in audio format. Or maybe you wanna sup like the most famous man in the colonies; yep, there’s a cookbook. You’re gonna want to wash it down with something, and might we suggest Franklin’s own Milk Punch¬†recipe. And sure, milk punch sounds more like a derby name than anything you’d willingly imbibe, but the very first step says “zest 11 lemons into 6 pints of brandy” so we’re all in.

Dr. Franklin advocated moderation in all things (in word, if not in deed), and so do we. [Ed.: We do?] You’re not gonna wanna be too hungover tomorrow, for that is when Celebration Ben Franklin¬†will be recognizing for his diplomatic service to these United States, John Huntsman, (that other Mormon who ran for president for about five minutes, but ultimately proved to be way too reasonable and was one of the very first ones voted off the island). They’re gonna honor him with a swanky luncheon and also with a free morning seminar on American Diplomacy and then “a procession up 5th Street in Philadelphia to Dr. Franklin’s grave.” (Don’t worry, they have no intentions of leaving him there.)

So tonight, we’re gonna toss back a few clarets in honor of America’s favorite Dr./Inventor/Non-President/Postmaster General/Librarian/Firefighter/Diplomat/Signer/University Founder/Libertine. In fact, you should come too. For “if we don’t hang together, we shall surely hang separately.”

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  1. Dennis O'Brien Says:

    Well done, wordsmith! Come to my library, and I’ll show you some books we bought from Ben in 1760.

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