Rumblings: Wings, Only The Band Food The Beatles Could Have Been

wing bowl>>> Those of you not wearing shorts in the wintertime with Adidas slides and a very large white man’s burden may not yet be aware: It’s almost Wing Bowl time! Ah, yes, that time of year when a suburban choad’s fancy turns to visions of sauce-smeared professional choads vying for the glory in an arena full of other choads who are all acting like they’ve never seen a pair of fake tits before. The big day will be Friday morning, February 1st, at the Well Fargo Center. Plan your choad-avoidance routine accordingly; this fuckin’ thing is like the Mummers, but without the art. [CBSLocal]

>>> Sadly, though, El Wingador will not be a part of this year’s inspiring display of achievement amongst the mentally challenged, on account of that whole cocaine thing. Check out WIP morning host Angelo Cataldi, getting all weepy like motherfucker is Pete Rose and shit: But he did so much for the sport! [DanDanGross]

>>> And finally, some good news (maybe): Koch Foods — one of the country’s biggest wing suppliers and somehow not part of the Koch Brothers dynasty of evil shit — reports that, despite a flagging economy, wing demand will hold strong well after the Super Bowl! See, Mortimer? I told you those crop reports would be good! Now, if we could only figure out what to do about Winthorpe and Billy Ray…. [Bloomberg]

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  1. von kleist Says:

    so my girlfriend and i bought tickets to this mess on a drunken whim listening to 94.1 one night, thinking it’d be a funny social experiment. never been anywhere nearby while it’s going on–should i be alarmed?

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