Is It Sue The Police Week?: Meek Mill Is Suing The PPD For False Imprisonment

millGet you lawsuits ready, apparently it’s Sue the PPD Week: Following in the footsteps of the ACLU, rapper Meek Mill is suing the Philadelphia Police Department for False Imprisonment. But unlike the ACLU, Meek Mill is not suing the PPD because he was arrested for taking a picture, he’s suing because he was arrested and then they took a picture.

Mill is suing “the City of Philadelphia and police Officers Andre Boyer and Michael Vargas in Federal Court for civil rights violations, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy and civil conspiracy.” In his complaint, the Philly rapper claims he was wrongfully arrested on Halloween while driving in Philly (notably, Mill was also ordered off the road for instances tying back to his probation). Mill also claims in his complaint that “the officers took photos of him that made it onto Instagram and other social media outlets.” Out of the arrest came a now imfamous photo of Mill in cuffs (right), tweeted by Mill himself. Although … ENHANCE … the photo also seems to show a PPD officer at the very least looking at a picture he took of Mill in cuffs. So, whoops?

Either way, the PPD’s legal team has a lot a lot of paperwork to look at. And you might want to get your own lawsuit ready, all the cool kids are doing it.

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