Dept. Of Look At These Assholes: The Westboro Baptist Church Will Be In Allentown This Sunday

Playoff football is going on but if you, like us, do not care at all, maybe you can take a roadtrip to see a different kind of show: The Westboro Baptist Church (who are giant assholes) will be protesting at four different churches in Allentown this Sunday. We can’t remember hearing of an instance of them coming any closer to Philadelphia (good old Allentown is just over an hour drive), but according to their website, they will be there protesting “Whorehouses masquerading as churches,” which just seems vague. Get specific, guys. Anyway, we know a good amount about the WBC, but we didn’t know that they practice some form of speed protesting which allows them to spend a maximum of 30-minutes in one location (just look at that itinerary). Maybe it’s for cardio purposes?

Either way, the WBC are assholes and they will be in Allentown. They are there to antagonize and lure you into assaulting them or impeding on their rights and then they sue you. It’s their game. Therefore, Philebrity wholeheartedly endorses some kind of odd anti-protest where you either just stand there and stare at them silently so they feel uncomfortable or make loud noises of flatulence at them. Or maybe they are the perfect captive audience for you to workshop your new performance art piece? Really either one works.

4 Responses to “Dept. Of Look At These Assholes: The Westboro Baptist Church Will Be In Allentown This Sunday”

  1. Lance Ducotte Says:

    They’ve been here before. I remember them protesting a synagogue or some sort of Jewish organization sometime around 2008

  2. David Mayer Says:

    There is only ONE effective way to deal with these publicity seeking scumbags: Ignore them completely. Don’t counter-protest. Don’t report their protests. Don’t do ANYTHING at all. When their publicity dies, the Westboro Baptist Church will die also.

  3. Jude I⚡caяiot Says:

    Good call. Giving them an actual protest isn’t worth it… Considering there really are just three of them a lot of the time. That is all that showed up in Annapolis, MD… And the counter protest had a ton of people. Seems like a wasted effort… But your ideas are funny.

  4. Josh Hoagland Says:

    They tried to come to Temple in I think 2009 but PPD wouldn’t let them stand in the street and TU students crammed the sidewalks.

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