Strippers, C-List Newscasters Alike Mourn Dan Gross As He Takes Daily News Buyout

grossvennIn perhaps the single most I’m-taking-the-buyout-because-this-ship-is-finally-definitively-going-down move we’ve yet seen, Daily News gossip columnist/head of the Newspaper Guild Local 10 Dan “Dan” Gross has announced he’s taken the DN’s buyout offer and will depart from The People Paper, effective February 1. (Here’s his sayanora to the Guild.) We’re less troubled by the departure of Gross — to put it mildly, we were not great fans of his, er, work — than what it says about the DN. To us, this says that there’s a fork in the thing, which people have been saying for years; but this is the one that’s the real “oh shit” moment. Because for however shoddy the Dan Grosses and the Bykos of this paper have been in perpetuity, the reality is that the paper’s crime and political reporting (and so much more) is a crucial piece of the city’s dialogue. This says to us that the fix is in.

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