Philly And NASA’s Mohawk Guy Will Be In Obama’s Inauguration Parade

nasaPresident Obama’s second inauguration will take place twice next week. The official swearing-in takes place on Sunday, but Monday will be the public ceremony featuring the double Bible swearing-in, musical guests, and of course, Philly-born astro-robot-pilot Bobak Ferdowsi.

Ferdowsi experienced a bit of fame last summer as ‘The Mohawk Guy’ when it was discovered that as the flight director for the NASA mission to Mars (remember science?), he sported a patriotic mohawk and was unmistakable on the live stream from the control room. Since then, he’s been at the helm as Curiosity looks at flowers, vaporizes rocks with lasers, and takes more pictures of itself than a college freshman with an Instagram account. It has also checked into Foursquare.

Although Ferdowsi was mostly raised in San Fransisco (the Philly of the west coast) and some in Tokyo (the Philly of nothing), we should all be proud of a native son as he marches along other NASA scientists and a full-size model of the rover on Monday. He has said he will change up his hair for the event.

[Image via NASA]

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