Noontime Nuggetz: The Bombing Of Osage Avenue (1986)

Produced in 1986 by WHYY (most definitely the pre-Marrazzo era), The Bombing Of Osage Avenue is/was an award-winning doc about the M.O.V.E. tragedy. But where so much of the coverage of this dark moment in our civic history centers around M.O.V.E. itself, this doc takes a human and ultimately utterly heartbreaking look at the community ripped to shreds in the wake of Wilson Goode and Philly P.D.’s biggest blunder of the modern age. Achingly poetic and feeling on every level, it’s also the kind of public TV that just doesn’t get made anymore, and may never again. Sigh.

Update: Embed removed at the director’s request; see it on YouTube while you still can.

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