Musical Rumblings: Visual Learning

>>> Free Energy‘s newest, Love Sign, received a 3.6 from Pitchfork. Better luck next time guys (though really, there’s no coming back from that, at least on Pitchfork). [Pitchfork]

>>> Dave Hartley‘s second album under the Nightlands moniker, Oak Island, is streaming over here. [WNYC]

>>> U.S. Girls have released a new video for “Work From Home,” the next single off of 2012’s well-accepted GEM. Check it out here, but not … uh … at your desk, if you get what we’re saying. And if you don’t get what we’re saying, we’re saying there’s nudity. [SPIN]

>>> Santi White aka Santigold has released a new video for her song “Girls,” a song from — you guessed it — GIRLS – Volume 1: Music From The HBO Original Series. Hey, there it is up top. [YouTube]

>>> And BITBY’s newest episode, featuring The Bailey Hounds, is available here. If that tickles your fancy, The Bailey Hounds are playing Ortlieb’s tonight (along with Katie Frank & The Pheromones), and the show is free if you get there before 10PM. So get there before 10PM. What are you, made of money? [BITBY]

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