This Evening: Amazing Crazy Cryin’

>>> Moody Swedes The Amazing play Milkboy, where they’re sure to dig down into many a long, nearly-Floydian jam. With them are Philly harmony trio Market East, whose Everly Brothers-style harmonies are always a sweet time.
>>> Over at Kung Fu Necktie, the second coming of the paisley underground just don’t stop: Quilt/Magic Trick (Tim Cohen of The Fresh & Onlys)/Jamaican Queens check in. Quilt in particular has us feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy, and on a day like this, that’s a gift.
>>> Or say no, emphatically, no, to all of this brain-usin’ and go to Tammy Faymous’s new karaoke night at PYT, and do, in order, Aerosmith’s “Amazing Crazy Cryin'” Trilogy.

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