Submitted For Your Netflix Streaming Enjoyment: The Guilty Pleasure Of Deadly Women And The Fine Art Of Reenactment

Deadly Women, the flagship show of the Discovery Channel spin-off channel Investigation Discovery, is strangely addictive. It’s Dateline meets the acting talent of any show on The CW, it’s fact meets reenactment, it’s horror meets humor. In every case, the show pulls its stories from real life events (all of which, as you would guess, feature women committing murders). And what started out as a dramatic show that took itself relatively seriously, has turned into a guilty pleasure where said reenactments make that play you wrote and cast with your friends in high school look like you were on some Arthur Miller shit. Take season two’s episode “Twisted Minds” for example.

The episode features, as one of its two stories, Sylvia Seegrist’s shooting at Delco’s Springfield Mall in 1985. The actress portraying Seegrist (above) shoots and sneers and generally acts insane like someone would in their inaugural acting class, but the show balances it out with interviews with journalists that actually reported the case and forensic pathologists, along with quips from Candice Delong, the show’s go-to crazy lady expert. The shining achievement of the show is that, by showcasing bad acting and stock sound effects, they actually make these situations digestable, and in most cases, enjoyable. The episode, which originally aired in 2008 (and re-ran last night, since Deadly Women is about 80% of ID’s programming), is available on both Netflix Instant and Amazon Instant.

As the show wore on, it started to earn a bit of a following and became the flagship of Investigation Discovery when it was spun-off from Discovery Channel. In addition, the reenactments were bumped to the show’s forefront, and they just got sillier and sillier. The show can now be seen on Femme Fatale Fridays along with shows of the same type, such as Wives With Knives (about wives who stab people), Evil Twins (about twins who kill each other), Redrum (murder stories told backwards), Frenemies (friends that kill eachother? We haven’t seen it yet but it’s pretty much spelled out) and Pretty Bad Girls (just like Deadly Women, but these ladies are pretty). Like Deadly Women, these shows are oozing with the cheese of their reenactments, and many are available on Netflix. And since we’re all going to get the flu eventually, you might as well add these to your queue now.

2 Responses to “Submitted For Your Netflix Streaming Enjoyment: The Guilty Pleasure Of Deadly Women And The Fine Art Of Reenactment”

  1. Lance Ducotte Says:

    Oh man. I wasn’t expecting this when you mentioned doing a netflix roundup. How do your brains not melt out of your ears while watching this?

  2. Tim Allen Says:

    This show falls firmly into the “Maury” so bad that I just can’t look away category. When I had chickenpocks and was on prescription Benadryl while drinking scotch, Maury seemed to be the height of western civilization’s achievements. Looking at Congress, maybe it actually is.

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