The First “Make Music Philly” Day Is Coming In June

honeysJune 21st, the day where the sun shines the longest, seems so far away, but this year there will be something a little extra to celebrate. To locally acknowledge National Music Day, groups in Philadelphia are looking to put together Make Music Philly day. Following in the steps of New York City, Chicago, Denver, LA, and Kalamazoo for chrissake, Make Music Philly day will focus on free music all over the city.

WXPN’s Roger LaMay, who is spearheading this thing along with the city’s cultural office, said “There are only two rules, everything is free and accessible to the public. We’re encouraging artists of all kinds to participate, from the Philadelphia Orchestra to the guy who plays tuba who lives next door. Professionals and amateurs. We’re hoping it will be a wonderful opportunity to see how much music there is in the city and how much reach it has.” XPN will launch an “internet dating site” type stop on XPN’s website that strives to bring “volunteers and musicians together with cultural institutions and concert promoters like the Kimmel Center and Live Nation who have expressed interest in getting involved,” according to Dan DeLuca.

We’ll have more information on this as it comes out, but it’ll be a great time to show people exactly what kind of music scene we have here.

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