Talking Points: Dem Golden Philly Globes

20130114-102949.jpgIn the biz, we call them “local hooks,” and hey, look: Last night’s Golden Globe awards had them:
· Tina Fey, of course, co-hosted with Amy Poehler, but, as many have noted, were on nowhere near enough, as the pair were fairly killin’ it.
· The degree to which you can seriously mope that The Silver Linings Playbook wuz robbed is directly correlative to how annoyed it makes you when people from the suburbs here say they are “from Philly,” and your gullibility regarding your acceptance of Robert DeNiro as an Eagles fan for even one second.
· Sylvester Stallone showed up looking like a pile of old lunchmeat with some Brillo pubes sprinkled on top. We predict another Rocky sequel to be shot locally inside of two years because at this point, Philadelphians are the only people who can bear to look at him.
· Lena Dunham has no connection to the area, but we did notice something on our Twitter feed during the awards last night: Women from Philly haaaaaaaaate her in a way that is frankly even more unseemly than saying someone looks like a pile of old lunchmeat with some Brillo pubes sprinkled on top.
· Brian Roberts from Kabletown® got a shout-out from the podium. Jesus yawned.
· That girl who’s in Les Mis who was also in Big Love is from Allentown, which is where the band Pissed Jeans is from, which is also the name of that Billy Joel song, but that is really not the place he was talking about in that song, it just sounded better, so never mind. Good morning!

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