Philebrity Would Like To Remind You That Old City, North Of Market And In Other Little Spaces South Of It, Isn’t Stupid Or Crazy

Indeed: Another weekend, another fucking dumbass street-clearing brawl in Old City. (And just on the back of the sentencing of one of these guys, too: Have we learned nothing?) Douchebrawls are certainly nothing new in the area, but they do seem to be ramping up in terms of severity and media coverage. Which is a bummer all the way around. Because as people who both work and live in the neighborhood, we have to say: We love Old City. A current of electricity that links straight back to Ben Franklin himself still lives under these sidewalks. Sure, the vast majority of the bars south of Market are a complete fucking nightmare, but every time something like this happens, we get the feeling that they’re not the businesses that get hurt. Rather, the whole neighborhood takes a hit while the douches just keep on douchin’. So, as part of a community of small businesspeople here, we’d like to say: The good stuff is still here. From Han Dynasty to Serrano/Tin Angel to The Khyber to National Mechanics and even/especially across Market, from our home inside AKA Music to the Arden Theater to Old City Coffee and The Book Trader and Brave New Worlds to Art In The Age/Lost & Found/Sugarcube/Franklin Square to Locanda Del Ghittone to the beloved Paddy’s Pub. That last of which we could use some more of. Can you imagine if somebody started up some shit like this in that place? OH HELL NO. But Old City? We say YES. Don’t write us off. We were here before the douchebags, and we’ll be here long after they move wholesale to NoLibs, a transformation which is already nearly complete. Sorry, guys.

4 Responses to “Philebrity Would Like To Remind You That Old City, North Of Market And In Other Little Spaces South Of It, Isn’t Stupid Or Crazy”

  1. Adam Grochowski Says:

    In order for them to move to NoLibs, you’re gonna have to divert the bridge…

  2. Adam Grochowski Says:

    I mean, I’ll still occasionally go down to Old City – just not on thurs/fri/sat nights. It’s not worth the irritation.

  3. City rat Says:

    I hope they move, and don’t just grow and spread. Already they’ve become a cancerous tumor on the intersection of Frankford and Girard. I’m looking at you, Mr. Starr.

  4. R D Burlingame Says:


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