If They Won’t Let Him (Or Anyone) In The Hall Of Fame, Pete Rose Might As Well Have A Reality Show

Pete Rose‘s last major foray into the world of television was … well … interesting. And he’s never really been a person to hold back what is on his mind (hence the straight-talk to those poor, poor kids up there). So really, he’s the perfect candidate for his own reality show, and that’s what he’s got. Pete Rose: Hits & Mrs., which debuted with two episodes on the channel formerly known as The Learning Channel last night, settles into its regular time slot tonight at 10PM.

If you missed the first two episodes of the six-part series, you can catch them online over here. The gist of the show is this: “Pete Rose is engaged to Kiana Kim, who is about 40 years younger than he is. Pete Rose is the future step-father to her two children. Pete Rose wears many fedoras.” That’s it. Congratulations, you just mentally watched Pete Rose: Hits & Mrs. But if you still feel the urge to watch it, maybe the New York Times can sway you:

Mr. Rose presents himself as an overgrown teenager and a genial chauvinist with an impervious ego and a Neanderthal sense of humor. His targets include his fiancée’s Korean heritage and her desire for a breast reduction; when she complains that he proposed to her over tacos at a Mexican restaurant, he protests that it was a classy joint: ‘I mean, it was the Mesa Grill. I don’t think any Mexicans go there.'”

In reality, the show isn’t that bad, but that’s what makes it such a bummer. Maybe it is worth checking out for jokes about age differences (such as the Kim children’s laughter when they point out Rose is as old as their grandmom) and Rose mentioning — often — how many hits he has, but that’s all it offers. And since we’re now in an era where anyone even remotely connected to steroids or the steroid era (even Craig Biggio and his 3,000+ hits) are missing the Hall of Fame, it’s entirely possible that Pete Rose’s promised life-ban will be exactly that. But maybe Bud Selig can find it in his heart to let Pete in the Hall. Maybe that’ll at least get him off our TV.

Also, we can’t find a place to really fit this in, but in some of our digging we found this. Enjoy.

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