Killadelphia Is Not A Term Of Endearment

While the NHL is still finalizing the lockout deal (still? Can’t they just iron it all out via text?), players are starting to practice, get back into their teams’ towns, and tweet about getting back to work. They just want everyone to know how excited they are, and really, they are a large percentage of the total number of people who are excited about this. That’s probably how Wayne Simmonds was feeling yesterday when he tweeted that above. He’s a little pumped up, he’s sharpening his skates (do they have people to do that?), he’s making his stick out of carbon fiber or whatever (they definitely have people to do that), and he’s just getting in the zone. He just wants to get back on the ice, for some weird reason, and get back to good old city Philly.

But Killadelphia? Really? As one reader said to us, saying Killadelphia is “insensitive to the city’s too many murder victims.” So yeah, maybe Wayne Simmonds (and really, anyone who still uses the term “Killadelphia”) should take a second to think about how often we are surrounded by news reports of near-daily shootings, stabbings, and murders, and how the situation becomes trivialized by a cutesy nickname.

Also, Killadelphia just sounds lame and dated, kinda like hockey.

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