Film Sweat: Oh, Wise Guy, Eh?

RECOMMENDED: We won’t pretend like you don’t already know: Gangster Squad is meant to be a steaming pile of movie poo. (And hey, look, it is!) But like greasy fast food, sometimes this is what the appetite requires. Will you be sated by Sean Penn‘s Oscar-the-Mobster-Grouch voice? Will you, like us, find everything about Ryan Gosling impossibly funny? Or will you find that the addition of Josh Brolin and his chiseled grill remind you of Dick Tracy and that will remind you of Warren Beatty as Dick Tracy and that, too, will bring a smile to your face and laughter to your heart? Don’t worry, you can say yes to all of these things! For here is what Bret Easton Ellis means when he talks about “empire” playing out in a “post-empire” world. Not that he’s got the solutions, either, but hey: Funny is funny. Go ahead and enjoy this, the Showgirls of mobster movies.

ALSO NEW IN THEATERS: A Haunted House, alternately titled Marlon Wayans Makes A Fart Joke; and Argo comes back around for an Oscar-noms victory lap.

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