Dept. Of No Shit: There Are Problems At Philly’s Newspapers

Looks like that death of newspapers doc should have hung around and filmed more: According to Newsworks, “The owners of Philadelphia’s two major newspaper are threatening to liquidate the Inquirer and Daily News.” Their source? President of the Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia, Dan Gross, who as far as we know did not also mention what Miley Cyrus’ favorite vegan spot in the city was.

Interstate General Media (by the way, they own the papers now) says “if it doesn’t have tentative agreements reached with all of its labor unions by Jan. 18, it will begin to liquidate the assets of the company.” They’ve been singing this tune for a little while now, but are now threatening liquidation of the papers if progress is not made. Gross is confused by the measure, since IGM is also offering buyouts to employees and hiring new staffers. Gross told Newsworks “If suddenly they have a pool of money that they’re going to use to get our members to leave … I would think that same money could be used to fund the company at least until October when our contract is up,” which makes sense to human adults, but Gross is forgetting that the one prerequisite to run the DN and the Inky is the absolute lack of rationality, reason, and good decision making. It’s tradition.

You can read Gross’ whole statement over here.

2 Responses to “Dept. Of No Shit: There Are Problems At Philly’s Newspapers”

  1. City rat Says:

    It’s just like Menudo! Eventually, all the writers will be replaced once they turn sixteen.

  2. City rat Says:

    Step 1. Buy newspapers.
    Step 2. Liquidate newspapers.
    Step 3. Continue to run South Jersey like a personal fiefdom with absolutely no oversight.

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