This Moment In Union Goons: The Firefighters Union Won’t Try To Recall Nutter Because You Can’t Do That

A few days ago, at the ribbon-cutting of the city’s first new firehouse in fifteen years (one designed to be “green”), members of the Firefighters Union booed, heckled, and cursed at Mayor Michael Nutter. Their beef? Nutter’s continued appeal of their contract arbitration. So they announced plans to gather 45,000 signatures to have him recalled from office. And then today, they collectively woke up and said, “Nah.”

You see, as CBS 3 enlightened us:

The problem is, a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling in the mid-’70s involving the late mayor Frank Rizzo overturned the ability of Philadelphians to recall their mayor.”

Frank Keel told CBS that the union’s lawyers advised them that the whole recall the Mayor thing would take years and tons of money, because changing the law often does. Keel said, “It’s been attempted before in the state and has not succeeded, and we just believed that by the time we got through this ardent and lengthy process, this mayor would be out of office anyway, so it’s a moot point.” In fact, we think he just unintentionlly came up with the new protest chant: “WE WANT THE MAYOR GONE! BUT WE’LL WAIT! WE WON’T BE HAPPY ABOUT IT THOUGH!” It could use some work.

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  1. Mike Says:

    For a fairly progressive website, I don’t understand Phileb’s regular anti-union posts. If you want to pick on the construction union clusterfuck in the city that’s one thing. But why pick on the firefighters? They were awarded a three-percent-over-three-years raise in arbitration. Seems reasonable for an important job they do for the city.

    The post of the other day about Lottery employees is the same thing. Phileb regularly recognizes what a total douche Corbett is, yet supports busting up the Lottery and giving its control to a foreign company. The only reason they want to privatize is to cut those unionized (relatively low-paid) state employees. It’s a couple hundred people who live, work and contribute to this state and bring in a billion plus in state revenue under a well-run program.

  2. philebrity Says:

    Whether it’s tied to a good cause or not, goonery is goonery, my good fellow. And in Philly, nobody does it quite like these guys. Consider us invested on a different level: These posts seek to appraise their art.

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