Sports Rumblings: Once Hockey Actually Returns, We’ll Stop Talking About It

>>> And while the NHL’s schedule is not yet set, some of your favorite Flyers are back and practicing, which is a sight for sore eyes for people who give a shit about hockey. We think. Oh also, the season opener may be at home against Pittsburgh. We know people care about that. [Facebook]

>>> After Chip Kelly decided to return to Oregon to coach, the Eagles looked at their alphabetical list of coaches and said, “Well, who else we got?” And then they interviewed Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly. [ESPN]

>>> And while most basketball teams (college and pro) focus their timeout and intermission entertainment on mascots, dancers, and acrobatic dunk shows, St. Joe’s (who have a great mascot, and dancers) decided the acrobat dunk show is great and all, but what it could really use is more missed dunks. [Deadspin]

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