New Philly Data From Google Suggests That If You Don’t Have The Flu Yet, You Will!

The above (rather frightening) graphic comes to us from Google Flu Trends, which was launched four years ago to track in real time the spread of influenza. (They also track dengue, which you’ll be happy to know is not currently a threat on the East Coast.) And though we mentioned to you last week the CDC’s notes on this year’s flu season, this piece in Slate suggests that even by designating these parts as “widespread” this year’s number of flu case, the CDC might have been soft-pedaling the reality; Google’s numbers, they say, indicate a flu season that hasn’t even peaked yet and is on pace to leave the H1N1 outbreak in October 2009 in the dust. That’s a nationwide analysis, but as you can see from the graphic above, it may somehow be even worse in this part of the country. Already, an ER down in Christiana, DE, has had to expand itself into a nearby conference room. All of which goes to say: Take care of yourself, folks, and if you’re sick at all, stay the hell home.

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