God, Is It Already Wig Day Again? Before You Know It, It’ll Be Merkin Week!

Naked Bike Ride too risky for you? No-Pants Subway Ride not your thing? Perhaps you might like Wear Your Wig to Work Day, which will celebrate its 10th year of existence on Friday, January 25th, by, well, having people wear wigs in workplaces that usually do not require them. Have you somehow never heard of this? Well, here is their borderline-crazy-person pitch:

Wig Day is a day of celebration, reinvention, and collective effervescence. It is more than a day of silliness, it’s a day to get out of/over ourselves, and a day to explore the transformative power of hair. Part public art project and part community initiative, this grassroots happening expands the traditional conception of “holiday” by encouraging the public to interpret the meaning and value of the day as they reinterpret themselves. Although the holiday is geared especially towards the working public, it is open to everyone of all ages, employed or not.

Fair enough. This year’s Wig Day after-party will be held at Fergie’s Pub, with live band karaoke starting at 8:30pm.

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