This Moment In Union Goons: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

>>> At the ribbon-cutting for the city’s first new firehouse in fifteen years, Mayor Michael Nutter was heckled by members of the firefighters union. Firefighters shouted, “Why don’t you honor the firefighters’ contract? Respect, respect,” at Nutter, and some other phrases that CBS 3 won’t print because of curse words. CBS continues, “Local 22 spokesman Frank Keel says the union is launching a recall petition to have Nutter removed from office.” This is the same Keel who flipped the Street FBI bug into a grand conspiracy, and is one of the top dogs in the political PR game. So yeah, we’ll be on the other side. [CBS 3]

>>> The giant inflatable rat made an appearance at 2nd and Oxford, silently standing guard in front of some new construction. [Philadelphia Speaks]

>>> In their subtle way, the union that represents state lottery employees erected a billboard protesting the possible privatization of the PA Lottery. The sole bidder on the lottery, a British firm that gives 100% of its profits to programs for seniors, was skewered in a billboard depicting “a caricature of a pig in a suit with a Union Jack on its lapel, holding a vacuum cleaner that is sucking dollar bills out of an elderly woman’s purse.” [Inquirer]

>>> And they may need to invest in a second inflatable friend, since more union protesters set up shop outside the soon-to-be Cheu Noodle House. They’re spreading themselves thin. [Facebook]

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