This Evening: Songbook

>>> The newest album from Beck, Song Reader, comes in a peculiar form. Rather than being a CD, or an album, or any form of audio recording at all, the release comes in a hardcover book of sheet music. The idea is that you can hear the songs if you want, but you’ve got to bring them to life, and that’s exactly what is happening at World Cafe Live tonight, as tons of local bands come together to perform these songs live. The bill of artists performing the slate of 20 songs includes Kuf Knotz, Juston Stens and the Get Real Gang, Toy Soldiers, Chris Kasper, The Lawsuits, Perseverance Jazz Band, and tons more.
>>> PhilaMOCA‘s Tuesday Tune-Out this week features Eric Slick, performing a “live/improvisatory” set to Primal Essence, a film he prepared specifically for the event. Primal Essence is an interactive short, following a day in the life of Eric Slick, which promises to blur the lines between film and live performance. We’re hoping Slick converses with himself on screen at some point, like John Hammond did in Jurassic Park. The show will also feature solo sets from the brains behind Capillary Action and Ape School, just to make sure you get your $5 worth.

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