New “Death Of Newspapers” Doc Takes An In Depth Look At The Daily News

TRAILER: Black & White and Dead All Over from Lenny Feinberg on Vimeo.

Black And White And Dead All Over, a new documentary from Lenny Feinberg and Chris Foster, takes a look at America’s thinning newspaper industry through the lens of Philadelphia. In the trailer above, you can see some words from Bob Woodward interspersed with a whole bunch of clips dealing with the dealings of the Daily News and Inquirer, their many owners, and their shrinking newsrooms. And for the “reporters in the street” focus of the doc, showing people who get out there and pound the pavement and break stories, the film focuses on the DN’s own Pulitzer winners Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman. In fact, they’re even the stars of their own trailer.

There is no word on release dates or screenings, but we’ll be keeping our eyes over here for more info. You should too.