NYT Floats Ed Rendell As Possible NYC Mayor, Is Apparently Not Kidding

Former Mayor and Governor Ed Rendell, whose local legacy is doused in … well … something, has been suggested by people within New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s team as a possible heir to his seat.

Rendell’s name, which could have been floated as a half-joke, is alongside NYC’s City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn (the favorite), Hillary Clinton (the dream), and Mortimer B. Zuckerman (the dollar), as people to back for the, in Rendell’s words, “the second most difficult job in the country.” The New York Times said:

The suggestion to Mr. Rendell came from a longtime Bloomberg adviser, Bradley Tusk, even though Mr. Tusk is now informally advising Ms. Quinn. Mr. Tusk, a former Rendell intern who ran Mr. Bloomberg’s 2009 campaign, said the impetus to approach Mr. Rendell ‘came from a few people in the business community, and not anyone remotely connected with Mayor Bloomberg.'”

The paper goes on to quote Rendell as saying, “I’m not sure how many times I’ve stepped foot in Brooklyn. I have no understanding of Queens and no understanding of the Bronx. [The idea of running for Mayor doesn’t] sit well with me.” Plus, there’s infinite material of Rendell talking smack on the Giants, Yankees, Mets, and Jets from his Comcast Sportsnet appearances that any opponent could use (plus, he lends himself very easily to the nickname “Ed Krotch”). And who could ever replace his role as “only guy who looks directly into the camera when talking” on the Eagles Post Game Show? We expect a follow-up on this any day now.

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