Hours Of Fun: Pennsylvania Wolf PERSONAL ADS

Hi I’m Galahad and I am the Alpha male of my pack. I am less shy and love I love love love attention, but usually on my own terms. What do you expect I am wolf hear me howl! Oh and I also love raw meat. When you stop by my enclosure I will show off my wiggle and sometime pounce at the fence, but that’s cause I want to show off how good looking I really am.

Oh, well, helllooooo there, Galahad. Based on a plot of land just across from the Speedwell Forge Park in Litiz, PA, The Wolf Sanctuary of PA is an educational/rescue facility for wolves and wolf hybrids that may otherwise have a hard time living elsewhere. At the Sanctuary, walking tours are given, and wolves are conversed with, and, very likely, wolf art (holy shit) is discussed. But we’ll be honest: We’ve been staring at their website for the last week, marveling not just at these beautiful animals but also at their OKCupid-ish profiles and saying “OMGOMGOMG.” While we are partial to Galahad (duh), you may want to visit and find your own wolf soul mate. Though the Wolf Sanctuary’s motto is “extinct is forever,” we would like to add that love is as well.

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