Eve’s New Video Is All About Her

If you ever doubted that Eve was bad bad, she just dropped a track to correct you, son. Sometime in 2013, Eve will release that album that she and Interscope have been threatening since the Bush administration. Y’know, Here I am, Flirt, Lip Lock. The official release date is “soon” but today she letting us peep the first single.

Trading the saturated colors and casts of extras and collaborators like Sean Paul or Gwen Stefani, this time, Eve is black and white and bad all over. She’s in your face, and you’re in hers. But most importantly she wants you to know that she’s bad bad. Early on in the track she reminds us all that she’s “the chick who keeps um under pressure,” and furthermore, every young African-American “who smell her want to sex her.” We can find little argument with that line of reasoning.

Always concerned for her fans’ well-being, she goes on to warn of the addictive quality of her “hills and hips” cautioning that were we ever fortunate enough to “grab it” it would, in short order become “a habit” and we, “an addict.” But she also reminds us that as emptors, the caveat’s onus is squarely upon our own shoulders, as we were surely no stranger to her qualities, reminding us that we were well aware that “her style like a scorpion she sting, she lethal.”

We could probably spend hours more delving, but Ms. Jeffers professes that she has no patience for our “bullshit I can see through” she “get bored real easy, I must leave you.” Rather than risk that sweet sorrow, perhaps let’s just put on the headphones and dig the jam, yo.

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