Rumblings: Monday Morning Reading List

>>> If you’ve got more than 150 friends, well, you don’t have more than 150 friends. [NPR]

>>> Attn. creatives/non-breeders/dedicated city dwellers: Elizabeth Wurtzel wrote this bear of a piece just for you. Only, don’t read the comments, lest you be instantly reminded of why you don’t stay in touch with your friends in New York. [NYMag]

>>> And while we’re at it with the “Yayyyyy people who make shit up!” business, here are Zadie Smith’s ten rules for writing, which are pretty solid for anyone writing anything ever. [BrainPickings]

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  1. Chuck Says:

    You’re really giving props to a piece on how a 40 year old woman with a law degree cannot figure out how to handle a sublessor/sublessee problem without calling David Boies (the lawyer she worked for who eventually fired her) after calling countless earnestly married women prostitutes all because they weren’t uncompromising enough to squander all their money and not know basic things like how to rent an apartment? At least she knows where to squarely place the blame for her lack of real relationships: not on the fact that she’s an awful, boring, narcissistic person, but on social media, of course! (I give it two thumbs up for backhandedly namedropping David Foster Wallace.)

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