One Book, One Philadelphia 2013 Begins Soon, Featuring The Buddha In The Attic

It’s a new year, people. And we know that most people (ourselves included) make resolutions for themselves that they will never accomplish or in some cases even attempt. Even if it wasn’t the resolution you chose, making sure you read a bit more (or a bit better) is always a good idea. And to help you out with that, the annual “One Book, One Philadelphia” program kicks off on January 17th with this year’s featured book, The Buddha In The Attic by Julie Otsuka. The book, according to the Free Library, “tells the tragic story of the Japanese ‘picture brides’ who traveled from Japan to San Francisco in the early 1900s, tracing their collective and individual experiences as wives, mothers, breadwinners, and marginalized members of American society during both peacetime and the onset of World War II.”

The kickoff event, on January 17th at the Free Library, will feature Otsuka and an evening of theater and music, including a dramatic performance based on the diary of a Japanese American internee in the camps of World War II, along with other selections and an original music composition inspired by this year’s book. Events will continue into March and include writing workshops, tastes of Japan food events, a film series, art exhibitions, and even martial arts workshops. The full list of events (along with a list of companion reads and discussion questions for the books) are available here.

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